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Dental Laser means no drills, no needles... it is pain-free!
In combination with an air water spray, this Hydrokinetic YSGG laser
is able to replace the drill in many instances. No longer will the whine
of the drill be heard, but rather a popping sound similar to that of
popcorn popping. Since there is no heat or vibration from the
WaterlaseTM, the need for anesthetic (THE SHOT) is eliminated in
most cases.

What is Hydrokinetic technology?

The Hydrokinetic process is the removal of tissues with YSGG
laser-energized water droplets. Hydrokinetic energy is produced by
combining a spray of atomized water with laser energy. The
resulting Hydrokinetic energy gently and precisely removes a wide
range of human tissue including tooth enamel (the hardest
substance in the body?, and soft tissue (gum tissue? with no heat
and no pain in most cases.
The Latest Technology

WaterlaseTM vs. Drill

The high speed dental drill may cause a smear layer, a layer of dead
organic material. WaterlaseTM creates cuts with NO smear layer, providing a better surface
for bonding, and allowing your filling to last longer.

Is the laser safe?

In the hands of your trained dentist, the WaterlaseTM is as safe as other medical devices.
With it's 2 mm active range from the tip, the laser provides pinpoint accuracy, reducing the
chance of causing damage to healthy tissues. The primary safety measure necessary during
laser treatment is proper protective glasses.

What can the WaterlaseTM be used for?
Decay Removal
Cavity Preparation
Reshape "gummy" smiles
General soft tissue procedures
General dentistry for enamel and dentin
Avoid being "numbed"
Avoid the shot and pain